Welcome to latrinitechurch.org

Founded and based in France well over 100 years ago we now have a global footprint.

We have always been a driven organization looking for ways to help Humans and rescue them from poverty, injustice and poor health.

We have always undertaken development and humanitarian activities and will continue to do so in the future.

Currently our focus is directed at human health and ways that we can develop easy to use health innovations that can reduce the numbers of sick and dying people that is a global issue.

Our health research work is in addition to our global charity works and the projects we support.

Our newest Health development team includes scientists, doctors and innovators. But more than that, we’re a team with passion and purpose.

Driven by finding improvements to managing chronic illnesses through affordable innovations, La Trinite Church is empowering people via groundbreaking research into new products giving anyone the tools to achieve long-term health improvement.

Our Newest Health Project

We’re starting with the microbiome and a new, scientifically-anchored approach that starts inside the gut. A new reality is possible for those effected by a whole range of health issues.

Our team has found that good health really does begin in the gut. We take pride in pioneering revolutionary solutions that people deserve to reclaim control of their health.

We’re here to transform the planet and improve people’s well–being.

We are not profit based we are people based.