About us

We are community-led

We start by listening – communities identify their own challenges and we partner with them to plan and achieve long-term, tailored solutions.

We are human-focused

In all we do, we work towards community wellbeing, this may start with

Children so they can grow up with hope and realise their potential.

Mothers so they can care for their family and teach them well.

Fathers so they can build better communities free of famine and injustice.

The elderly so they are looked after and cared for.

Young adults so they are empowered with knowledge and bring about change for the better.

We are faith-based

Although we are inspired by our Christian faith, we’re committed to working with people of all cultures and beliefs to achieve transformation. We do not seek to change anyone’s faith and do not teach or seek to teach religion to any of the communities we assist.

We are health-based

Everyone around the world no matter their background strive to have better health. Better health starts with healthy food and good hygiene but goes much further, education plays an important roll in good health. Our continued research show that gut health is a very important factor in having and maintaining good health this is why one of our current products is to unlock the potential of a healthy microbiome and identify its health giving benefits.